Brickell Avenue & South Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33130

Brickell City Centre

Miami, Florida, USA

Project Information

Brickell City Centre (BCC) is Miami’s largest mixed-use urban development, now under construction, and as such is shaping Miami’s future.  The entire development has been registered under the USGBC’s LEED for Neighborhood Development system, and each individual component at BCC was designed to achieve a LEED Gold certification rating.

With more than 11 acres of meticulous urban planning and inspirational design, Brickell City Centre is seamlessly integrated into Miami’s existing urban fabric and transportation infrastructure.  As such, Brickell City Centre will connect with every aspect of Miami’s vibrant, metropolitan lifestyle. At the heart of Brickell City Centre is the fully integrated shopping center and CLIMATE RIBBON structure. Spanning an impressive 565,000 square feet, the shopping center creates the perfect retail climate by marrying the best of Miami’s weather and outdoor lifestyle with the sophisticated design and multi-level experience seen in the world’s great fashion capitals.  The 150,000 square foot CLIMATE RIBBON is designed to shield pedestrians below while creating a gentle air current for the shopping center, and is equipped with multiple cisterns that will work to collect and estimated five million gallons of rain water annually.  Storing the captured water above ground eliminates the need for pumping and additional electrical usage when water is distributed.  The design also has potential for solar energy harvesting.