SLS Brickell Hotel & Residences

Project Information

The SLS Brickell Hotel anchors the rapidly urbanizing district in Miami’s Greater Downtown area.  The future of urban hospitality is in mixed uses, which led to the integration of a fully functioning residential component within the structure.  Both hotel guests and permanent residents have access to shared amenities such as the state-of-the-art fitness facility, multiple conference rooms, pools with striking views of the iconic Miami cityscape and restaurants by renowned chefs Jose Andres and Michael Schwartz.

Museum quality art is seamlessly weaved throughout the hotel.  A sculpture by Colombian sculptor and painter, Fernado Botero, adorns the tower’s entrance; the entire exterior facade is enveloped in a monumental mural by German artist Markus Linnenbrink, and the parking structure showcases a multi-media work of art by Swiss artist Katja Loher.  Art transcends language and dominates every facet of the hotel.

The building is a prismatic glass wedge that resolves the geometry of the city’s grids that meet at the corner of two of Miami’s most important streets.  The triangular geometry of the plan becomes the dominant vocabulary.  Linear balconies project into space, streamlining the form.  Triangular balcony wedges in a contrasting glass color boldly project into the surrounding airspace.  They are strategically placed to create a series of diagonal strands that wrap around the glass prism like celebratory ribbons in the skyline.  Blue pin lights mark their sharp corners, highlighting at night their centrifugal movement around the facade.  They descend corner to corner from roof to base to reach the restaurants and bars that line the building’s sidewalk frontage, activating pedestrian life along South Miami Avenue, Miami’s own Madison Avenue.