Coney Island Urban Revitalization Plan

Brooklyn, New York

Project Information

Arquitectonica was selected by the New York Economic Development Corporation to create a framework that includes the preservation of existing amusement areas and up-zoning portions of Coney Island in Brooklyn for mixed-use development. Arquitectonica created design guidelines for 19 city blocks bounded by the New York Aquarium to the east, West 24th Street to the west, Mermaid Avenue to the north, and the Boardwalk to the south. The goal of the study was to revitalize Coney Island by creating a year-round destination with retail and attractions, while maintaining the original character of the area. Arquitectonica’s recommendations are currently being used by the City to foster 4,500 new housing units, including 900 affordable housing units and 460,000 SF of retail space.

Project Details

Masterplanning, Public
ArchitectureGeo - Landscape
Area 2,000,000 SF / 185,800 m2