Sky Rise Miami

Miami, Florida

Project Information

A continuous sheet of translucent mesh rises one thousand feet from the bay to the sky. It wraps around a colossal atrium and descends dramatically, forming a sweeping curve. At its base the curve becomes a monumental canopy under which cascading steps create a performance amphitheater. The resultant form can be interpreted as a giant wave, or a billfish jumping out of the water, a giant fishing net, or even a flowing dress over a sensuous form. More simply, the curving silhouette references Miami’s tropicality.

Unlike other observation towers, Sky Rise Miami is asymmetrical. It is decidedly directional, facing the Caribbean and South America. It welcomes our visitors from the south into North America. It is our abstract version of the Statue of Liberty. A sculpture to view from afar, and also to explore within.

Also, unlike other observation towers, Sky Rise Miami is more than a viewing deck. It has content. A cluster of functional levels at its top contain multiple restaurants, shops, an event ballroom, an exhibit gallery, a soaring domed theatre, a night club, and a thrill ride that allows daring visitors to drop at high speed from the sky to the bay along its facade. It emphasizes current thinking that architecture is not only about form, but also about content.