Wilshire Vermont Apartments & Transportation Center

Los Angeles, California

Project Information

Wilshire Vermont Station is a mixed-use urban “village” consisting of residential apartments located atop ground floor retail and commercial units that is centered around the existing MTA Metro Redline Station. The project is located on the northeast corner of the Wilshire Boulevard and Vermont Avenue intersection and consists of a 449-unit apartments complex, 30,000 SF (2,787 SM) of retail, parking facilities for the entire development spanning across three subterranean levels with room for up to 669 cars and an MTA bus plaza located on an adjacent parcel east of Shatto Place.

The complex is comprised of a series of rectangular prisms that define the surrounding streets and create an internal space. Their facades are interrupted by vertical bands that respond to the living spaces within and fluctuate from black to white, prism to prism. The urban alignment is broken at the corner, announcing the entrance to the inner courtyard and the transit station beyond. Two monumental murals invite pedestrian traffic to discover a second portal, which houses the descent to the transit station below.

Design Award – Society of American Registered Architects

Project Details

Mixed Use, Residential, Retail Transportation
Area 400,000 SF / 37,161 m2

Photo Credit: © Paul Turang Courtesy of Taisei