Belcorp Headquarters

Lima, Peru

Project Information

The Belcorp Headquarters is a 13-story mixed-use development located in the San Isidro district of Lima, Peru. The commercial portion of the Edificio, located on Pardo y Aliaga Avenue, contains 271,757 SF (25,247 SM) of commercial office space, 36,642 SF (3,404 SM) of retail space and 2 restaurant spaces located on the 1st subterranean floor, accessible via public stairways on the ground floor.

The residential portion of the Edificio, facing Los Libertadores Street, is located in a separate building adjacent to the commercial portion and contains 55,274 SF (5,135 SM) of residential space. Arquitectonica’s design also provides a 334,802 SF (31,104 SM) parking area to accommodate a total of 747 covered parking spaces across both the commercial and residential portions of the Edificio.

Project Details

Area 628,564 SF / 58,396 m2