520 West Avenue, Miami, Florida, USA

Bentley Bay Condominium

Miami Beach, Florida

Project Information

The Bentley Bay consists of two 25-story condominium towers housing 170 units. The towers are located on Biscayne Bay at the gateway to South Beach.

The condominium buildings appear as a series of three sails whose silhouettes give the building movement, making the design dynamic instead of static, as in a typical building. Arquitectonica created the building ends to be made concave or convex by the simple profile of the balconies, creating the illusion of wind being the source of the sculptural distortion. The development includes retail along the base of the building and a parking garage.

The parking garage is covered with a bamboo-type screen and a trellis with vines to provide a green wall. A garden at street level provides a place for gathering and taking in the view of the bay. The strong landscape elements at the street and pool deck reinforce the geometry of the building.

Project Details

Area 295,000 SF / 27,406 m2

Photo Credit: © Robin Hill