Our Firm / History

ArquitectonicaINTERIORS is an interior design firm focused on designing a custom environment unique to each project or individual. The firm explores the challenges of contemporary built and un-built environments to develop design solutions capable of addressing a bold and modern aesthetic.

For most of the 30 year history of Arquitectonica’s architectural practice, ArquitectonicaINTERIORS has designed the interior spaces of many of the firm’s buildings. ArquitectonicaINTERIORS designs spaces for offices and corporate headquarters, hotels and resorts, restaurants and bars, retail/entertainment centers, multi-family residential buildings, public buildings, and private custom homes.

Our firm is staffed with experience professionals with various degrees of design backgrounds that bring forth unique and creative solutions to each project. Our team has worked on and completed numerous designs for a variety of interiors spaces.

ArquitectonicaINTERIORS design philosophy is based on the principal of designing a unique interiors experience that reflects a thought process primarily based on the fundamental aspects of each space. We value the combination of attributes that make one place distinct from another and strive to maintain the natural and cultural environments in order to create a unique identity for each project.