ArquitectonicaINTERIORS works in close collaboration with architects, landscape architects, engineers, developers and construction professionals from a projects inception to create cohesive design solutions which reflect the interests of all parties.

We provide the following services:

  • Programming and Strategic Planning
    • Clients performance requirements are studied
    • Budgets and life cost analysis are considered
    • Functional solutions are provided

  • Space Planning and Test Fits
    • Providing efficient circulation systems while taking building code requirements into account
    • Furnishing layouts are provided
    • Development and analysis of adjacency and circulation

  • Cost Estimating and Budget Analysis
    • Establishing budgets and cost analysis projections
    • Sustainable design

  • Design Development
    • Design concepts presented through images color palettes and material boards
    • 2D and 3D renderings provided
  • Construction Documentation
    • Specification of finishes fabrics and equipment

  • Custom Millwork Design
  • Furniture Specification and Purchasing
  • Custom Product Detailing including collaboration with ArquitectonicaPRODUCTS
    • Furniture Design
    • Lighting Design
    • Finishes and Fixtures
    • Accessories

  • Contract Administration
    • Site Visits / Observation / Review
    • Consultant Coordination
    • Responsible For Scheduling (Ordering, Deliveries, Installation)
    • Project Closeout (Getting project to substantial completion)

  • Post Occupancy Evaluation


Experience with LEED

ArquitectonicaINTERIORS has been striving to design sustainable interiors for over a decade. Most recently, our projects have focused on the LEED concepts that target the interior’s influence on the overall internal air quality and the longevity of the finishes. These features, such as using low or non toxic, rapidly renewable or sustainable finish materials, influence the aesthetics as well as emphasizing the need for sustainable features in the design.

ArquitectonicaINTERIORS’s LEED experience has grown tremendously. Most of our professional staff is LEED AP Certified.