57 Ocean

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57 Ocean is designed to touch all your senses and be at the forefront of healthy oceanfront living. The 18-story, 69-unit luxury is a welcome addition to the sands of Miami Beach. The oversized terraces are designed with luxury in mind and serve as a cantilevered shade control device for the unit below by keeping the direct sun from entering the units. Capitalizing on the indoor/outdoor living a sense of nautical architecture adorns the ceilings of the terraces, creating a warm, softer outside living environment. With waves crashing against the beach it evokes the feeling you are aboard a yacht.

An oceanfront wellness garden, outdoor massage and meditation rooms, and outdoor yoga deck, designed by ArquitectonicaGEO, seamlessly blend with the luxury amenities and provides a sanctuary to feel, listen and smell the ocean breezes.

Location Miami Beach, Florida
Services Architecture, Landscape
Size 191,000 SF / 17,800 m2