Apple Offices and Pathline Park Technology Campus

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Arquitectonica designed the master plan and the architecture for all 17 of the buildings in the 50-acre (20-hectare) Pathline Park technology office campus.  The 1,893,000 SF (176,000 m2) development is a campus which includes 11 office buildings totaling 1,380,000 SF (128,000 m2), 2 amenity buildings totaling 33,000 SF (3,100 m2), and 4 parking garages totaling 1,200,000 SF (112,000 m2) providing parking for 3,618 cars. Apple signed the largest office lease in Silicon Valley in 2021 when Apple leased 6 buildings totaling 700,000 SF (65,055 m2).

Pathline Park is an abstract geometric village.  Eleven rectangular buildings rotate in orientation creating contrasting vantage points.  Their orientations define a series of open spaces.  The spaces are threaded together by a pedestrian promenade we call the Pathline.

Each building is treated volumetrically.  The decision was to create volumetric rather than surface differentiation.  Each building is divided into three or four volumes.  The deconstruction of the prism is either horizontal or vertical.  The volumes are defined by frames that provide graphic clarity and crisp definition.  Pure glass surfaces reinforce the volumetric shifts.  The volumes shift horizontally creating stepping, reverse stepping, pyramidal or horizontal symmetry.  They result in terraces and porches creating usable exterior spaces.  In addition, a play of light and shadow reinforces the visual effect.  Vertical divisions create shifts that create rooflines and double-height readings.  Combined with the rotation in site plan, a dynamic play of volumes is created.

Consistent with the concept of a cubic urbanism, the office uses define public spaces.  Within those spaces a series of amenity buildings rise to create a focal point.  They provide public amenities for the surrounding buildings, gathering places for social interaction, exchange of ideas, and entertainment.  Their collage of elliptical glass ‘tree trunks’ from which a series of rectangles makes them more complex and playful that their office counterparts.  Their bold orange color also contrasts with the neutrality of the metallic frames of the office buildings.

Location Sunnyvale, California
Services Master Planning, Architecture
Size 1,893,000 sf / 176,000 m2