Arquitectonica Studios – Miami Headquarters

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Arquitectonica’s headquarters office is located in the firm’s original birthplace of Coconut Grove, Florida. The 2-story building, is an open-loft type of design studio, centered around a courtyard allowing for maximum views and daylighting for all of our staff. The 15,000 SF building was LEED Silver certified, and also houses ArquitectonicaGEO and Arquitectonica Interiors. ArquitectonicaGEO designed the landscape for the facility.

The two-story 15,000 SF building has an interior open-air courtyard. The building was designed to facilitate the firms architectural and landscape design and consultant services by providing functional work spaces, meeting/conference rooms, offices and storage for our employees, clients, interns, and visitors. The structure is blanketed by large, warehouse style operable windows and views to the interior courtyard. The structure itself is comprised of exposed masonry and concrete. The entry way to the building and courtyard uses varying geometries of brick patterns to accentuate the coloration in the rustic-toned window frames. The interior conference room spaces have beautiful Honduran mahogany walls juxtaposed with polished concrete floors and exposed spiral ductwork and drywall.

Location Miami, Florida
Type Office
Services Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
Size 16,000 sf / 1,500 m2