Ballet Valet Parking Garage and Retails Shops

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Located in the historic Art Deco District in South Beach, this mixed-use development consists of a 6-level parking garage and a band of historic Art Deco facades that have been restored and turned into viable retail shops. Not only was this the first new construction in Miami Beach’s Art Deco District, but it served as a test for other garages built in the following years.

The upper garage facade is composed of grid patterned fiberglass components, incorporating horizontal wave designs, reflective of the ocean. Spanning the entire length of each elevation on all levels are planters with various types of vines and landscaping. The five stories of the parking structure become a vertical green zone in the historic District, a monumental sculpture about the ocean done in topiary. The program called for the reconstruction of the existing retail storefronts that were partially demolished. Once completed, the result was a nine-shop retail strip facing Collins Avenue called the “Stores at the Car Park.”

Location Miami Beach, Florida
Services Architecture, Landscape
Size 206,000 sf / 19,100 m2
* Urban Land Institute (ULI) | National Award of Excellence
* PSI | Award for use of concrete