Banco de Oro Tower and SM Keppel Tower

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The prestigious BDO Tower is the first phase to the larger masterplan. The tower sits on top of the existing Podium Mall and overlooks ADB Avenue. It is a sleek 47-story high-rise with a cross-shaped, symmetrical plan, which provides a maximum number of corner office spaces overlooking the Ortigas and ADB district. Its central core is subdivided into three zones, allowing for efficient vertical transport with good efficiencies, daylighting and generous ceiling heights. Second phase components to this masterplan is the SM Keppel Tower; and the expansion to the existing Podium Mall, which provides additional retail, amenities, entertainment and restaurants to the development. These components create the perfect working and corporate context for the BDO Tower and SM Keppel Tower, which sit at the heart of this premier mixed-use development.

The SM Keppel Tower is a 47-story office tower on top of the 5-story mall. It is intended to both contrast and complement the completed BDO Tower. Whereas BDO is straight, orthogonal and very masculine in appearance, the Keppel tower has chamfered, curved corners which create an hour-glass in profile, and evokes a softer, more feminine form. This is emphasized in the curved shading fins which run up the full length of the facades.

Both the BDO and SM Keppel Towers combine aesthetics, functionality, environmental response and commercial viability to create the latest landmark development in the city.

Location Manila, Philippines
Services Master Planning, Architecture, Interiors
Size 2,866,000 SF / 266,250 m2