BBVA Tower

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The ground floor of the BBVA Tower is like a greenhouse with cafés, a landscaped Eden under glass, with fully grown trees, bamboo thickets, and long native grasses. From here, the building rises 32 stories to the roof, where the sense of refined nature is repeated and reciprocated with two penthouse levels that feature private, open-air courtyards linked to a series of corporate boardrooms. The pasturelike sky gardens are surrounded by glass screens that block the wind and allow for spectacular views of the Río de la Plata and beyond to Montevideo.

The all-glass tower’s iconic massing is expressed through a subtle rotation of the corners as they rise to create a stunning visual effect. On the way up, the building pivots with a subtle rotation, and its prismatic corners spiral and twist like a splayed deck of cards, creating highly sculptural effects along the edges and catching the light and reflections of neighboring buildings. These flaring facets change shape and character as the passerby circumnavigates the base, giving the building life.

Location Buenos Aires, Argentina
Services Architecture, Interiors
Size 645,000 sf / 60,000 m2