East Hope Group Headquarters

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“East Hope Group, as one of China’s largest pioneering private enterprises, developed this 12-story, 270,000 SF office building as its headquarters in Shanghai, with parking facilities that will accommodate 160 cars. The site is located at the end of Century Boulevard, a major axis of Pudong, and is adjacent to Century Park, the largest park in Shanghai.

The project consists of two contrasting elements: a free-form podium, and a perfect ‘cube’ office building. The organic podium is transparent, relating to the landscape and its proximity to nature, while the perfect cube reflects the rational and efficient nature of the East Hope Group. The cube is conceived as a ‘modern lantern’ featuring large scale, lit openings on each facade, and an abstract pattern of fiber optics integrated with the mullion system.”

Location Shanghai, China
Type Office
Services Architecture
Size 283,000 sf / 26,300 m2