JLL Center

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This building exemplifies urban regeneration. The shape of the site is a classic result of an era when buildings were demolished to be replaced by parking lots wedged among the surviving buildings.

The project has multiple uses that are expressed like a vertical prismatic district. The front volume is suspended over the existing lower buildings and contains the 176-room hotel. The inner portion of the block opens as a sky court. It allows light into the mid-block rooms and presents a monumental urban window to the square. Its garden becomes the view for the rooms around it and functions as an outdoor event space overlooking central Pittsburgh. Below it there is a second thinner volume with the hotel restaurant that also overlooks the square. The gap is occupied by the floor with meeting rooms.

Behind this lower volume are two additional volumes. One contains the multilevel garage and above the garage there is a second cubic volume that is the office building. All the volumes levitate over a transparent base of retail that lines the sidewalk. The retail is only interrupted by the office and hotel lobbies. The garage is entered through the alley between the existing and new buildings and from the rear street.

Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Services Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
Size 427,000 sf / 39,700 m2