JW Marriott Convention Center Hotel

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The 5-star, 300-room JW Marriott Convention Center Hotel in Lima are located on an irregular block at the juncture of a major avenue and a park in the district of Miraflores, Lima. The park sits at the edge of the palisade facing the Pacific Ocean. Therefore, the buildings have the combined view of the park and the ocean. Dominating the park frontage is the hotel tower. The guest tower plan fans out towards the ocean with its separated angled sides forming corner windows to the ocean views and its broad frontage curving along a broad arc. A central portion of the arc is recessed in the lower levels, creating the effect of a monumental arch, a giant gateway to the South Pacific.

The exterior skin is finished in green glass, silver glass, and Venetian stucco in tones of silver, gray, and sand. They form a geometric pattern reminiscent of pre-Columbian designs. Its monumental two-story scale addresses the long-distance views along the oceanfront drive at the base of the palisade, and across the curvature of the beach along Lima’s beautiful coastline.

The hotel arrival porte-cochere occurs at the base of this arch. The raised lobby maximizes views of the Pacific Ocean past the park along a glass curve. Also taking advantage of the same views are the meeting rooms and ballroom pre-function on the next level. The ballroom pre-function is expandable to a reception terrace that also opens up to the views. The terrace edge is defined by an infinite reflecting pond. The ballroom has public access from three sides making it sub dividable into a variety of sizes and configurations. Sharing frontage on the terrace is the office tower, designed to complement the hotel tower with its compatible facade and form. The top of the podium offers a series of recreational amenities, including a lap pool, pool bar, and tennis court.

Location Lima, Peru
Services Master Planning, Architecture
Size 495,000 sf / 46,000 m2