Longemont Hotel and Office Tower

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The Longemont Hotel and Office Tower is a 53-story, mixed-use tower featuring a 490-room, five-star hotel stacked above 27 floors of office space. The site occupies a prominent position on a bend in Yanan Xi Road, one of the main arterial routes through Shanghai. The tower responds to this position with its dramatic gestural form whose stepped profile reaches up into the sky creating a new landmark building for Changning District, a prosperous and energetic area within Shanghai’s inner city. The stepped form of the building is reinforced by creating an asymmetrical trapezoidal patterning on the curtainwall of the tower. The architects accomplished this by using two colors of glass and metal panels, with a change of thickness of the spandrel panels accentuating their difference. At night a fractured light line picks up the split between the two facade types and projects a beam of light up into the night sky, marking its presence throughout the day and night.

Location Shanghai, China
Services Architecture
Size 934,000 sf / 86,800 m2
* Shanghai Industrial Economic Society, Shanghai Media Group and Shanghai International Fashion Federation | One of the “Top Ten Most Fashionable Landmarks” in the prestigious “2005 High in Shanghai” Awards.