Marina Blue

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Staying true to Arquitectonica’s history of audacious building designs, Marina Blue is a vibrant mixed-use complex overlooking Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami. It consists of two “sail-like” towers that house 516 residential units in two 52 and 58 story towers, with 29,300 SF of retail space, 22,500 SF of office space and an 800 car parking garage.

Arquitectonica developed a design that made this project a success due to its modern look, fresh feel, and its ability to exploit the site geography for stunning views of the bay. The two towers rise from a glass podium containing loft units and retail shops, and are set diagonally with respect to each other, inflecting toward the open views of Biscayne Bay.

Location Miami, Florida
Services Architecture, Interiors
Size 1,344,000 sf / 124,900 m2