Microsoft Europe Headquarters

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The Microsoft Headquarters is a 495,000 SF (46,000 m2) High Environmental Quality (HEQ) office development on the banks of the Seine River. It houses the headquarters of Microsoft France and Microsoft Europe, plus the French branch of the European Development Center for internet research. The project consists of three buildings of 15,000 m2 each, which are connected by courtyards, retail, and three levels of parking. Microsoft needed a space that was emblematic of the progressive nature of the technology business, but also one that was highly flexible and functional.

They also needed a space that met the highest possible environmental standards, since the building was to be the European Headquarters for the firm. Arquitectonica created a solution that met the dynamic architectural and strict environmental needs, without compromising issues like security and access to natural daylight. The site development is defined by different volumetric typologies: a rectangular prism establishes an urban edge and anchors the development, while three sculpted volumes stand forward of the prism. The rectangle relates geometrically to the orthogonal texture of the neighborhoods beyond, while also providing a buffer from the adjacent railway activity. Through its glassy transparency, it visually connects the project to the Issy district. The three forward volumes reach out toward the river and appear as freestanding objects in the composition. The Microsoft European Headquarters was awarded the highest possible environmental rating in France.

Location Paris, France
Services Master Planning, Architecture, Interiors
Size 495,000 sf / 46,000 m2
* AIA Florida | Award of Honor for Unbuilt Work
* AIA Miami | Honor Award of Excellence in Architecture
* Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) | Design Award of Merit