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The Tower is aligned with the urbanism of the avenue.  Between two towers the building decides to establish his presence with his decidedly geometric strength.  The building fits into its urban space.  Its plan forms a rectangle connecting the main tower with a second tower that faces the valley.  The height difference creates a great recreational platform with the drama of the valley view deep to the east.

The slender tower generates a series of triangular balconies.  The apex of each balcony changes position from floor to floor.  This creates a virtual, abstract, angular and dynamic waterfall.  Its sinuous form takes the eye from the earth up to heaven.  It is an ascending visual path that evokes the geographical position of the building at the top of the hill that takes care of Quito.  This waterfall reappears on the west side and crosses the bridge and then reappears at the pavilion that connects with the valley.

The tower refers to the futuristic sculptures of the 20th century in which geometric elements add to a shape that implies movement.  It is a transformation of architecture and construction into a plastic object composed of functional elements.

Location Quito, Ecuador
Services Master Planning, Architecture
Size 103,000 sf / 9,600 m2