Tempo Scan Tower

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Tempo Tower rises from a prime site on Jakarta’s Golden Triangle, in the heart of the leafy embassy district. The sculptural tower is iconic in form, stamping its presence as a Jakarta landmark. It represents a new standard in modern Grade A office space, with a rich program of F&B and Meeting facilities that make it a desirable and sought-after business address.

The tower is shaped by a skin that curves at the corners creating a multidimensional presence, making it equally frontal from all directions. Each side is gently bowed, narrow at the base and broadening at the centre, finally narrowing again at the roof. The curves and soft edges allow the building to project an elegant and sophisticated profile on Jakarta’s skyline, distinct from the rectilinear and less-distinctive surrounding developments. The curve is shaped in segments, with each floor stepping incrementally in or out from the next and creating a ripple effect.

The 30-story building is pure in form and continuous in massing without interruption. The program contains almost 732,000 SF of total GFA, predominantly Grade A leased office space. The two lowest levels contains a spacious, interconnected program which combines a specialty restaurant and high-end ‘urban kitchen’ foodcourt. Office floorplates are designed to efficient, market-friendly principles, square in plan at roughly 16,000 SF in size. Office floors are split into two efficient zones served by 10 lifts, secure from access to the lobby from the basement levels.

Location Jakarta, Indonesia
Type Office
Services Architecture, Interiors
Size 732,000 sf / 68,000 m2