The Center for Innovative Technology

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“The Center for Innovative Technology explores the imagery of high technology through gravity-defying forms and the exploration of the glass curtain wall as an abstract canvas. The facility demonstrates Arquitectonica’s environmental sensitivity and technical efficiency. The project consisted of a master plan, architecture and interior design for 650,000 SF of office/research space across from Washington Dulles International Airport.

The complex is densely overgrown by tall trees. The siting of the building results in the preservation of the surrounding forest; which is made part of the landscape concept. Parking is concealed in a garage volume that is clad in a black metal skin, disappearing in the darkness of the woods. The two towers emerge above. The horizontal rectangular building is cut in section to form a parallelogram, giving it horizontal movement through its form and the patterning of its glass cladding. The vertical square tower is tapered in section, growing in plan as it reaches toward the skies. Because of the nature of the computer laboratory, the software productivity consortium building is designed with raised floors and computer raceway capabilities. The systems are designed with the intelligent building concept, with computerized control for maximum efficiency control.”

A winner of several American Institute of Architects Award for Excellence in Architectur, The Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) was created by the General Assembly of the State of Virginia as a non-profit organization designed to enhance the research and development capability of the state’s major research universities.  A few of the college and university partners include University of Virginia, Virginia Commonwealth University, George Mason University, James Madison University, and Old Dominion University.

Location Herndon, Virginia
Services Master Planning, Architecture, Interiors
Size 160,000 sf / 14,900 m2
* AIA Florida | Award for Excellence in Architecture
* Fairfax County, VA Exceptional Design Awards Program | Merit Award
* The Virginia Society of the American Institute of Architects | Award for Excellence in Architecture