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Already home to several EU office buildings, the area is now becoming a major business district, and Arquitectonica’s mixed-use complex will help make it a fully functioning 24-hour urban center. Comprising of a residential block and a shorter office block, the scheme highlights the unique connection of the two main components — a glazed public corridor, topped with a pair of green roofs that crisscross in a dynamic figure eight. Creating a fluid passage through the complex, the lofted park also provides shelter for a small plaza to the south, protecting it from the occasionally severe winds blowing off the nearby Alzette River. The adjoining buildings, meanwhile, take up the entwined geometry of the connector between them: the west-facing facade of the office block, which greets Luxembourgers as they approach the area, crimps in the middle and is cut by a diagonal marquee, anticipating the X of the corridor; the residential slab is organized as a pair of conjoined twins, each linking directly to one or the other of the landscaped strips.

Location Kirchberg District, Luxembourg
Services Master Planning, Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
Size 431,000 sf / 40,100 m2