YOO Cumbaya

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Yoo Cumbaya marks the entrance to the contemporary cumbaya.  The mix of commerce and residences marks a milestone in responsible sustainable development.  The office building faces the lively avenue of pedestrian life with shops.  The building forms a parallelogram suspended on a glass base.  The linear volume is defines a corporate and technological scale.  The tips of the parallelogram become monumental frames that mark the importance of the corners and the public space.  Framed inside is a series of varying terraces that create double height spaces.  The terraces contribute to creating an informal and enjoyable component to the workplace similar to what defines the creative environment of Silicon Valley.

The residential building presents a different scale.  The building is divided among a series of components.  Each piece of this “puzzle” is defined by in an irregularly shaped frame.  The arrangement of these pieces creates a composition of geometric drawings, a passage of mysterious language.  The two actors in this composition, commercial and residential, dialogue per contrast, are friendly neighbors surrounding a central park with diverse activities.  From a certain point, the main actor is the park and the buildings are the act that support this work.  A secondary space offers a private terrace for the residents’ pool created by the same conforming building moving south.

Location Quito, Ecuador
Services Master Planning, Architecture, Interior Design