Aria on the Bay

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Aria on the Bay’s interiors focus on the breathtaking views of the bay. The organic shape of the building is carried throughout the space creating a harmonious and unique atmosphere.  Inspired by artistry in a community driven by artists, the interiors intend to make a stamp in Miami.  ArquitectonicaInteriors’s reference to the great opera houses in Europe influenced the lush materials and elegant design throughout the interiors.  Classic materials complemented with lavish accents forms a timeless upscale environment.  There is a unified vision for all the components creating an everlasting impression.  To accomplish such a unique and sophisticated design the approach had to be bold.  Accenting the undulating curves of the architecture, the interiors create an atmosphere emphasizing nature to evoke a sense of tranquility.

Aria On The Bay will feature the best in high-end European finishes and an unparalleled 40,000 sqft of amenities such as a sunrise pool, sunset pool, children’s pool, state of the art gym, spa, theater/media and entertainment rooms, children’s playroom, teen’s room, business center, conference rooms, outdoor fire-pit with custom seating, and a salon for blow-dry and manicure/pedicure services.

Location Miami, Florida
Type Residential
Services Interior Design, Design Architect, Landscape Architecture
Size 1,373,862 sf / 127,636 m2