Banco de Credito Headquarters

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The Banco de Credito Headquarters serves as both the headquarters and operations center for the largest bank in Peru. The building contains 530,000 SF across five levels. The large floor plate maximizes flexibility, increases future adaptability, and reduces dependence on elevators. Due to the size of the floors, each department is designed with elements that provide identity.

The levels are visually connected at the main lobby, an elliptical glass block atrium that traverses the entire building. Public uses are separated from the secured areas and identified as volumes that slide through the building’s 30 feet (9 meters) high ground floor colonnade. They include the cafeteria, 350-seat auditorium, banking floor and file storage facilities. Roof areas are used for staff fitness activities such as running track and lap pool, and are linked to the fitness center below. The roof also contains a heliport and telecommunications equipment.

Location Lima, Peru
Type Financial, Office
Services Interior Design, Design Architect
Size 535,000 sf / 49,800 m2
* AIA Florida | Award of Excellence in Architecture
* AIA Miami | Test of Time Award