Banque de Luxembourg Headquarters

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Arquitectonica designed the corporate headquarters of Banque de Luxembourg, situated at the focal point of the financial district among 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th century buildings. The project is developed within a tight envelope defined by zoning regulations. The building has eight levels below grade, six levels above grade and contains an auditorium, trading rooms, a vault, a computer center, meeting rooms/classrooms and dining areas.

The Banque de Luxembourg Headquarters represents Arquitectonica’s response to a highly defined urban context. There are three key elements to the composition. A primary volume, clad in native beige stone, cantilevers forward to align with the sidewalk and the rest of the buildings along the boulevard. It has repetitive square windows with amber glass to match the stone tonality, so that, depending on the angle, the window pattern disappears. This volume is seen as the contextual component in its relationship to the surrounding urban condition. The building sits on an axis with the vista at the end of the boulevard, like a medieval tower attached to the city walls. The transparency of the ellipsoid tower contrasts with the solidity of the older stone buildings, but relates to the post-war glass office buildings in this neighborhood. The third volume is a shadow-like parallelogram prism clad in polished black granite.

Location Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Type Financial, Office
Services Interior Design, Design Architect
Size 290,000 sf / 27,000 m2
* AIA Miami | Award of Excellence for Design, Built Category