Dijon Performing Arts Center

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The Dijon Performing Arts Center is a state of-the-art 1640-seat symphony hall and opera house. The Performing Arts Center opened in November of 1998 and was the second structure to be completed as part of the master plan for the new urban district, also designed by Arquitectonica. This modern composition consisting of a convention center, conference center, performing arts center, office buildings and hotel is crisscrossed by pedestrian walkways that lead to boldly-shaped exterior courtyards carved out of the solid mega-block. The new opera facility bridges over the boulevard, acting as a gateway from the modern city to the historic district. The opera house and performing arts center make use of natural lighting within public spaces, triple height ceilings and bold floor and wall patterns begin externally and flow into the interiors creating a unified design.

Location Dijon, France
Services Design Architect, Interior Design, Product Design
Size 162,000 sf / 15,000 m2
* AIA Florida | Award of Excellence in Design