Festival Walk

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Festival Walk, a mixed-use development on an 8.65 acre (3.5 hectacre) site, is comprised of 1.07M SF of retail shops and a 430,000 SF office building. The retail mall has 7 levels of shopping and includes an 11-screen multiplex cinema, food courts and an Olympic sized skating rink. Curving floor plans overlap one another, creating several cavernous-like openings in central atrium spaces integrated along the retail areas. Streamlined lighting is integrated at the edge of overlapping floor plates, highlighting the organic nature of the space. Architectural glass is also used to define spaces within spaces and flood interiors with natural daylighting. Lattice structural grids hold up this glass, casting playful shadows into the interiors.

Location Hong Kong, PRC
Services Interior Design, Design Architect
Size 1,500,000 sf / 140,000 m2
* AIA Miami | Award of Excellence in Architecture Merit Award, Built Category
* Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method (HK-BEAM) | PLATINUM HK-BEAM rating to Festival Walk Management
* Hong Kong Green Building Council (HKGBC) and Professional Green Building Council (PGBC) | Green Building Grand Award for Existing Building
* Chicago Athenaeum | American Architecture Award 2000