TaiKoo Hui

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The Taikoo Hui project consists of five principal components that include a retail center, two office towers, a 5-star Mandarin hotel, and the cultural center. This cultural center houses a library and public art spaces. The principal components are connected by an open air landscaped public plaza.

Arquitectonica also designed the new cultural center, including the 1,000-seat Guangzhou Performing Arts Center that is multi-use, western style with the capability for Chinese Opera. Taikoo Hui is set to become one of Guangzhou’s most iconic landmarks.

In 2017, Taikoo Hui recently achieved LEED Gold Certification in Tower 1, and LEED Pre-certification in the remainder of the buildings.

Location Guangzhou, PRC
Services Interior Design, Master Planning, Design Architect, Landscape Architecture
Size 4,441,000 sf / 412,600 m2
* Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) | Design Award of Honor
* Florida Chapter of American Society of Landscape Architects (FASLA) | Award of Merit (Green Roof Plazas)