The Infinity San Francisco

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The Infinity Luxury Condominium mixed use development includes 980,133 SF (91,057 SM) residential space, a 7,630 SF (709 SM) Fitness Center & Pool, and 12,180 SF (1,132 SM) of retail spaces.

Arquitectonica was brought onto the project with the original local architect, to massage the approved design of two 35 and 40 story towers at 300 Spear Street, one block from the Embarcadero. The resultant design has curving walls of metal and glass and a sleek façade to enhance the 655 units suited to meet market demands.

The design has advanced significantly to take advantage of a more flexible structural system. This “performance based” structural system will offer the opportunity to create a lighter-looking building with more vision glass incorporated into the skin. Use of state-of-the-art glass curtain wall technology in the residential project will create greater transparency and minimize noise and water issues.

Location San Francisco, California
Services Interior Design, Design Architect
Size 1,253,000 sf / 116,500 m2
* AIA Florida | Merit Award of Excellence
* Society of American Registered Architects (SARA) | Design Award of Honor
* California Construction | Best of Awards Recognizing Excellence - Best Residential Award (Phase I)
* Real Estate & Construction Review Northern, California Edition | Building of America Award, Plaque of Honor