The Lincoln Eatery

The design for the Lincoln Eatery is a play on the modern-day representation of an industrial food hall. Arquitectonica Interiors designed the 9,600 square foot space which seats up to 200 people and hosts 16 local vendors including some of the hippest restaurants in town.

Using reflective elements like glossy subway tiles and polished concrete floors, the materials of the space reflect lighting qualities that are unique to South Beach.  Bright streaks of light reflect on the walls and floors as the glares of the Miami beach sun and the neon lights of South Beach would do.  The designers wanted the space to feel energized, bright and exciting.  The matrix of wooden beams overhead represents the lines one might find in the canopies of tropical leaves, leading one into the space.


Location: Miami Beach, Florida

Type: Retail / Entertainment

Services: Interior Design, Space Planning

Size: 9,600 sf / 890 m2