University of Miami – Lakeside Village

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With its quintessential “Miami modern” style, integrated living and educational amenities, versatile recreational and event spaces, and retail outlets all on one site, the 546,000*-square-foot housing Village will redefine what it means to live, learn, and work at the University of Miami.

The interiors of the University of Miami Lakeside Village create a natural bridge between the exterior landscape and tangible materials of the exteriors, with pops of color and lively materials.  Apartment units associate durable and minimal materials for living, while common spaces promote collaborative learning, relaxation, and communal events.

A boon to the University’s ability to attract and retain top talent, the new housing village will distinguish UM on the national and international stages. From room layouts and finishes to the integration of technology, the village’s indoor spaces project a thoroughly original concept.

Seamless transitions from indoor to outdoor spaces, tropical landscaping and water features, and a unique design capitalizing on the allure of South Florida’s natural environment will set the housing village—and UM—apart from other top universities.

Location Coral Gables, Florida
Services Interior Design, Master Planning, Design Architect, Landscape Architecture
Size 546,000 sf / 50,725 m2