Laurinda Spear Timepieces for Projects Watches

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Time pieces designed by Laurinda Spear for Projects Watches include the Chroma Kaleidoscope in Time, Free Time and Arquitectonica Ellipse. Design themes for the watches use architecture as inspiration. The Chroma Kaleidoscope in Time features numerals that change color every second using the Munsell Color System, the hour hand colors merge from one color palette to another more gradually creating beautiful hues of the color spectrum. The Free Time face is made up of three concentric circles rotating clockwise with each gap in the circle communicating the precise time. The hour, minute and seconds are defined by the outer, middle and inner rings respectively. The Arquitectonica Ellipse features a retro-futuristic design, nostalgic for the early 1960’s when the world was a more future-loving place.

Manufacturer Projects Watches
Services Product Design, Fashion Design