The Cuboid by Laurinda Spear

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Cuboid by Fontana Arte is recessed wall lamp for concrete or plasterboard. The light radiates through the methacrylate sheet, thus illuminating the engravings and the edges, and producing a perspective effect.


The fixture consists of three parts: a metal housing box, an electrifi ed body with diffuser in white opal polycarbonate and a transparent sheet in methacrylate. The transparent sheet can be selected in order to obtain one of the three different aesthetic and optic effects: perspective, cube on the right side and cube on the left side.

As an option, a polished mirrored aluminium refl ector may be installed behind the transparent sheet covering the wall. The opal white self-extinguishing polycar- bonate diffuser is provided with a frame in brushed stainless steel kept in position by magnets. Cuboid is available in three configurations. Cuboid is designed by Laurinda Spear, 2009

Manufacturer Fontana Arte
Services Lighting Design, Product Design