The Max | 606 West 57th Street

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606 West is a 48-story residential tower located at the corner of 57th Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan. The building will have excellent views up and down the Hudson River, as well as a perch over midtown Manhattan.

Sitting atop a 4-story retail podium, the tower will contain over 700 apartments, and will include a significant affordable component. The tower was designed as two slender interlocking volumes of different heights, cascading toward the river. The varied heights allow the tower to address both the scale of nearby midtown, and to step down toward Hudson River Park and the river. The interaction of the two volumes gives the building a slender look from the street, as one volume passes in front of the other. When viewed together, horizontal banding joins the two volumes into a single tower, and gives the tower an identity in the skyline.

The podium is designed as a series of glass parallelograms, creating an exceptional amount of transparency from the street. Designed to house and showcase vehicles, the podium will allow passers-by to view both the latest vehicles on display, as well as the detailed banding and structural system of the glass face. The interacting angular faces will draw pedestrians down 57th Street, while the different sized panels break the façade into smaller pieces. Amid the play of angles, the entrance to the residential lobby will be defined as an obviously horizontal volume. This piece will be an Onyx panel, lit from behind, and will glow from within. Metal louvers will cascade horizontally down to the street edge.

Location New York, New York
Services Architecture
Size 1,200,000 sf / 111,500 m2