Aventura Government Center

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The overall concept for this design of the City of Aventura Government Center led Arquitectonica to break out the program as individual elements and express them as architectural building blocks. Each is integrated in such a poetic manner that together they form a cohesive and unique building structure. The Government Center is a 72,000 SF City Hall and Public Safety Facility. It is comprised of various local government agencies including the police, community development and services department, city council and administration offices as well as finance and support services departments.

The building also contains a 4,000 SF multi-purpose space that houses the Commission Chamber/Cultural Center. The multipurpose room is to be used for monthly commission meetings; it is also a subdividable meeting facility. It also serves as the community cultural center used for the display of art or light musical events, when in use as an auditorium.

Location Aventura, Florida
Services Architecture, Interiors
Size 72,000 SF / 6,700 m2
* AIA Florida | Merit Award of Excellence
* Broward County Association of the American Institute of Architects | Award of Excellence, Built Category