Banco de la Nacion Headquarters

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The tower consists of a square plan with two light angles that adapt to the geometry of the terrain to position itself in the corner. This allows greater visibility and frees space for better use of the land. In its last floors the plant gradually withdraws from the southeast corner. This retreat creates a profile against the sky and a series of terraces on the upper floors. Eventually, it hides the cooling towers and other equipment, adding height and presence in the new metropolitan silhouette of Lima. The shape reorients the building towards the center of the new financial district of San Isidro and presents frontality from the Paseo de la Republica and Javier Prado. At the same time, it presents a slender profile from the center of Lima. The building expresses itself different from each side, constantly changing creating intrigue and interest.

Location Lima, Peru
Type Office, Financial
Services Architecture, Interiors
Size 716,000 sf / 66,600 m2