Beach House 8

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The design intent of project was to create the vision of a hill town of villas on the French Riviera, as seen in elevation from the water. To accomplish this the design had to create the sloped landscape of the hill town by stacking the villas. Each residence can be perceived as its ultimate abstraction, the rectangle. The site conditions gave the designers the freedom to create a custom design with no limitations. The villas slide back and forth facing out to the ocean.

The building is made up of a series of individual houses brought together. That concept is behind the distinctive facade, whose bold composition of rectangles creates unique terraces and balconies for each of its eight floor-through residences—while also expressing the mix of natural beauty and urbane sophistication at the heart of Miami Beach. The facade consists of a series of shifted frames, expressing a series of houses in a very pure and abstract way—shifting as if moving from the water to the land, as if capturing the wind, all the dynamic movement of Miami, all the energy of the ocean waves.

The balconies are over 1,000 SF each and there is only one unit per floor, with 360-degree views, interior touched include the likes of Boffi kitchens and Italian hardware, a garden waterfall and Mauritian Teak.

Location Miami Beach, Florida
Services Architecture, Landscape
Size 41,000 sf / 3,800 m2
* AIA Miami | Merit Award of Excellence for Architecture, Less than 50,000 SF (Built)