Irvine Valley College Performing Arts Center

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The Irvine Valley College Performing Arts Center was designed by Arquitectonica to house program components for the institution’s three performing arts departments.

The building brings together students and faculty members, and facilitates collaboration. Arquitectonica designed the facility to accommodate the departments’ individual needs as well as their common goals, all within a modest budget. The Performing Arts Center symbolizes the diversity and vitality of the activities it houses.

A folding angular wall wraps around the theater volume creating dramatic perspectives. This wall is also the organizing element around which other program elements are placed. The glass-enclosed lobby allows light and views into the facility while announcing the public entrance to the building. A series of folded panels, in random shapes, wrap the auditorium creating a dynamic space while providing the desired sound reflectance.

Location Irvine, California
Services Architecture, Interiors
Size 60,000 sf / 5,600 m2
* Community College Facility Coalition of California | Award of Honor, Projects in Design