MSC Cruises Terminal at Port Miami

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The MSC Cruises terminal at Port Miami, to be located on the easternmost site of the Port, will be the last terminal viewed by every departing cruise ship and the first terminal viewed by every returning ship.  The terminal building will be the world’s largest cruise ship terminal with the capacity to service 3 ship berths and process 36,000 passengers daily.

The design maximizes the use of the ground floor for cruise passengers, luggage processing and ship provisioning operations.  The Ground Transportation Area (GTA) and 2,400-car parking garage is adjacent to the west end of the terminal and connects directly to the entry plaza on the second level that hosts the passenger embark process.  The separation of the terminal and garage structures allows for the optimization of the building floorplates and structural efficiency employed.

This design takes advantage of the length of the site to project a powerful shape and dimension like no other at Port Miami.  The west end of the terminal rises to provide a grand lobby entrance and the VIP Lounge is atop the terminal’s east side, facing the ocean.

Location Miami, Florida
Services Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
Size 1,570,000 SF / 145,900 m2