Pierce Boston

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Located at the intersection of Brookline and Boylston in the Fenway section of Boston, The Pierce is a 368 foot tall residential tower. The project consists of 30 floors including two floors of retail (totaling 35,000 square feet), 109 condominiums and 240 rental units. The triangle-shaped property benefits from a special gateway zoning overlay by the City of Boston allowing significantly higher height and density than neighboring parcels. The site’s shape, zoning and location prescribed a unique and iconic architectural response.

Arquitectonica’s design gives prominence towards the point as a gateway into the Fenway area with a glassy tower coming to grade, but then reduces both volumetrically and in opacity as it extends back into the residential fabric of the neighborhood.  The tower is symmetrically located in the triangular site to create pedestrian-friendly podium streetscapes and prototypical tower setbacks to help both reduce the impact of the scale in the pedestrian realm and to mitigate very significant wind impacts created by its addition to the site.

Location Boston, Massachusetts
Services Architecture
Size 335,000 sf / 31,200 m2