The Atlantis

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The Atlantis is a 96-unit condominium apartment building on Biscayne Bay south of downtown Miami. This building, more than any other, called attention to the provocative, photographic nature of Arquitectonica’s work. The Atlantis is a 20-story slab building with a 37-foot long cube cut out of the center to create a “sky court” for building residents. The sky court has three elements: a whirlpool, a red spiral staircase, and a palm tree, all set along the waving yellow wall.

The long slender building has just six apartments per floor and two elevator cores. At the bay end, the building curves to create a living room with a 180-degree panoramic view. The apartments at the base are two-story duplexes with double-high living rooms and private courtyards.

When the Atlantis won the Progressive Architecture award in 1980, Frank Gehry praised it for its sculptural quality and surrealistic imagery. This building also won the AIA Test of Time Award in both the 10 year and 25 year categories.

Location Miami, Florida
Services Architecture, Interiors
Size 190,000 sf / 17,700 m2
* AIA Miami | Award of Honor in Architecture
* AIA Miami | Test of Time Award - 10 year category
* AIA Miami | Test of Time Award - 25 year category
* AIA Florida | Test of Time Award - 25 year category
* Progressive Architecture | Architectural Design Citation, 27th P/A Awards