The Palace

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Compositionally, the Palace has three elements: a main tower, a smaller terraced building intersecting the tower, and a podium lined with townhouses along the waterfront. The townhouses, constructed of light gray stucco with pipe-railing balconies and rooftop terraces, camouflage a two-story parking structure at the building’s base.

The terrace building seems to intersect the tower, stepping up from the bay and then emerging on the front side of the building. When viewed from a distance, it resembles a giant stairway. At the front of the building, however, it becomes a monumental porte-cochere. Residents arrive along an angled driveway lined with aged Royal Palms which were already on the site and were conserved. The tower derives its scale and monumentality from the double-sized, two-story square grid. The grid emphasizes the contrast between the tower and the much shorter terraced building and distorts the reflections in the silver glass apartment windows, framing them as if they were paintings.

The main building is a thin slab tower constructed so it has three elevator cores, each serving two apartments; this configuration gives the apartments views of both the bay and the city. The three-story glass cube at the top is a single penthouse apartment.

Location Miami, Florida
Services Architecture, Interiors, Landscape
Size 500,000 sf / 46,500 m2
* AIA Miami | Award of Honor in Architecture