Virgin Voyages Cruise Terminal at Port Miami

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The sand banks that define Biscayne Bay were first settled by gentlemen farmers who developed them as palm tree groves. These mythical groves provided a canopy that shaded the beaches yet filtered light into the monumental spaces they created. Their twisting trunks added a sculptural field of columns.

The Flagship cruise terminal for Virgin Voyages features a palm grove-inspired design that abstracts this idea into a series of monumental roofs. The roofs extend way past the edges of the glass pavilions that serve the terminal functions. The jagged edges of the roofs deconstruct the building edges. Gaps between the ‘palms’ filter natural light into the departure lounges and large outdoor terrace overlooking Biscayne Bay and the glorious downtown skyline of the city of Miami.

Location Miami, Florida
Services Architecture, Interiors, Landscape